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First Coast House Plans was created as an offshoot of a local design and engineering company, with the aim of providing fast and affordable plans for homeowners and builders. Our mission is to deliver simple, functional, and cost-effective designs in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional design services. Every plan is created and approved by a local designer and professional engineer who is knowledgeable about local building codes and permitting requirements.

Custom plans that involve an architect, designer, or engineer can be very expensive and may take several months to complete before the permitting process even begins. On the other hand, our stock plans are all designed in accordance with the Florida Building code, and can be fully designed, engineered, and stamped for permitting in a matter of days.

What Makes Us Different?

There are numerous home plan websites available, offering thousands of house plan designs to suit your requirements. However, none of these websites offer site-specific engineering or comply with local building codes. States like Florida and California have stricter code requirements, and purchasing home plans from one of these websites can significantly hinder your progress. It can be difficult to locate a local architect or engineer who is willing to work with plans created by others, and even if you do, you’ll almost certainly end up paying them more to bring your plans up to Florida’s building code. This doesn’t even account for the time lost.

To save money and time, get it done correctly the first time with First Coast House Plans

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