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1. Select Plan

Select your plan from our pre-designed and engineered (stamped) collection.

Select your plan from our pre-designed and engineered (stamped) collection.

All our plans are designed and engineered per the Florida building code and are stamped by a Florida licensed professional engineer. These plans have been previously permitted and designed for building in the north Florida areas. All our engineers have had full and direct control of the design process from beginning to end. We take pride in our designs and engineering and value ourselves far beyond more than just a “stamp”. We understand our “stamp” is a major requirement for permitting and getting your project up and running. This is the main reason why we created this resource to provide you with fully engineered stamped plans to get your project started very quickly. We are always adding new plans to our collection and any plans shown can be modified to your liking.

2. Provide Site Info

Provide your contact and site information so we can review your needs with our engineers.

Provide your contact and site information.

Please provide your contact and site specific information(address, a parcel number, etc..Our engineers will verify all wind speed and exposure requirements and adjust the plans to meet the wind design requirements. All foundations are designed in accordance with the Florida building code minimum bearing capacity requirements for sandy soils. It is the contractors responsibility to achieve these minimum soil requirements in the field and report any deleterious or unsuitable soils to the engineer. Truss engineering is not included in our plans but our engineers will review/approve truss shop drawings for permitting.

3. Place Order

Place your plans order and any add on items if needed.

Place your plans order and any add on items.

Please place your order and select any add on items you desire. These include material lists, additional schedules, 3D model(if available), additional printed plan copies, site plan, flip/mirror plan, plan modifications. Your order will be processed and our service proposal/agreement along with a link to purchase the plans online will be sent to you.

4. We Stamp & Ship

We print, stamp, and mail your plan copies within 2-3 business days.

We print, stamp, and mail your plan copies within 2-3 business days.

Once our proposal/agreement is signed, full payment is received, and all site specific and project information is verified, we will print, stamp, and mail plan copies within 2-3 business days.

Our Mission

Simple, functional, and cost effective designs delivered in a fraction of the time and cost. Every plan is designed and approved by a local designer and professional engineer familiar with local building codes and permitting requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • General notes and Florida building code references
  • Elevations
  • Detailed and dimensioned floor plans
  • Typical Wall Section
  • Window and door schedules(if available)
  • Roof Plan
  • Electrical plan(minimum per FBC)
  • Flashing details
  • Structural Notes and Design Criteria
  • Foundation Plan(monolithic)
  • Framing/Shearwall/Tiedown Plans
  • Roof/Truss Layout Plans
  • Structural Details
  • Truss shop drawing review(if req)

Yes. The plans you purchase will be permit ready. There may be additional items you or your contractor will need to provide to get a permit approval. These items depend on your permit office requirements and location of build. These items may include:

  • Energy Calculations
  • Truss Engineering
  • Product Approval lists
  • Site Plans
  • Civil/Drainage plans and/or engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Construction permitting
  • Boundary, Tree, or Topo surveys.
  • Septic Design and/or Engineering.
  • Zoning due diligence.

Please consult with your contractor to determine the additional items you may need.

We can make modifications for an additional cost depending on what is needed. This is typically the easiest route for our customers due to the engineering requirements if certain modifications are made. CAD files can be purchased for you or other design professionals to make changes to your liking. Your purchase of our plans includes a license to build one house and can not be resold.

Yes we are local and have offices to meet and discuss your project. Purchase of one our our plans and a design consultation fee is required for a meeting to make modifications.

Yes we can provide preliminary plans and bid sets not for construction but with enough information to get approximate pricing. If a full set of construction plans is purchased we will credit the bid set fee on your stamped plans purchase.

All of our plans have been designed to meet minimum Florida building code requirements with most being previously approved through the major cities and counties in north Florida. However, certain municipalities and plan reviewers require additional items to be on the plans. Sometimes municipalities will have their own ordinances or requirements above and beyond the building code and it is very difficult to know them all. We stand behind our plans and will address any comments within reason. Even though permitting can be a large bear to tackle we strive to make it smoother for our customers. If comments cause major changes to the plans outside the minimum requirements per the Florida building code we will bill hourly based on our standard rates.

This is a loaded question and could vary greatly. There are many good online references to get you a “ballpark” number but to be safe I would be looking for actual quotes from local contractors. Labor and material pricing/availability can be across the map from county to county. Your best best is to get local bids from local contractors. We can provide referrals for local builders if requested.

Possibly depending on the natural grade of your land and minimum finish floor requirements set by FEMA and local ordinances. This is something your surveyor or builder can give you direction on. Our plans include a monolithic foundation but for an additional fee we can design alternative foundation systems.

Our base stamped plan package includes 2- 24×36 stamped sets for permitting. Additional stamped sets can be purchased or you can buy the stamped plan set with electronic PDF package to print as many copies as you need at your local print shop.

All our plans are designed with 2×4 walls typically used in north florida new residential construction. We understand some clients want stronger or more energy efficient wall systems and we can provide this for an added cost.. There are options in the place you order page to modify exterior wall types and sizes. These modifications do add design time on our end and a few extra days is required to finalize.

No. It is against the law for a licensed professional architect or engineer to stamp plans they have not personally prepared or were prepared under their supervision, direction, or control.

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