What’s Included?

Our typical plans include the following sheets.  In certain cases this may vary so please consult with the exact plan for clarification.  If you have any questions, contact us.

General Notes

Includes all general construction notes and Florida building code references for permitting. This sheet also includes all the project specific information including areas, occupancy use, types of construction max heights, plan page legend, ect.


These sheets are a 2d representation of the exterior of the home from all sides. They typically include exterior walls, exterior building materials, roof heights, roof pitches, ect.

Floor plans

This plan sheet is an overhead view of the house layout that includes locations of rooms, doors, windows with applicable Florida Building code references. This plan sheet includes all dimensions for constructions and includes a typical wall section with window and door schedules.

Roof Plan

This plan shows the layout of the roof, its pitch, and roof covering materials. The plan shows the locations of ridges, hips, valleys ect. and includes minimum ventilations requirements per the Florida Building code.

Electrical Layout

The electrical layout shows the locations of all outlets, switches, lights, smoke detectors and other components required by code. The electrical layout plans are provided with minimum electrical components requirements per code and can be modified as needed.

Flashing Details

The flashing details plan sheet includes water intrusion components and materials required around exterior openings/penetrations (windows, doors, roofing,ect.) to prevent water from entering the structure.

Structural Notes

The structural notes includes all the general structural requirements and structural design criteria. This includes all site specific wind design criteria, foundations requirements, framing specifications, truss notes, ect.

Foundation Plan

Plan representation indicating the general design intent of the foundation. The foundation plan will show a slab on grade, stemwall foundation,or raised foundation with a crawlspace. Typically this includes the footing layout, post and beams, and extent of structural slabs, depending on what type of foundation is purchased.

Framing Plan

The framing plans shows the locations of the main vertical and horizontal structural supports for the home. This typically includes locations and sizes of headers, beams, columns, shearwalls and will include all structrual framing requirements.

Truss/Roof Framing Plan

These plan sheets are a representation of the pre-engineered truss locations and/or conventional roof framing specifications. This plan is used by truss designers and engineers to produce the truss shop drawings required to build and install the roof structure.

Structural Details

These plan sheets show a more detailed representation of the main structural components in the design of the homes. They typically include foundations details, framing details, shear/holdown details, and roof bracing details.

Plumbing  Fixture Layout

This plan sheet illustrates the locations of all plumbing fixtures, such as sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, hose bibs, and other water supply/waste elements. Plumbers can use this plan, along with the provided dimensions, to determine the necessary plumbing layout before the concrete foundations are poured

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